How to make anti-stress balls

It’s possible than some of you know about this more than others, true? Well… Why don’t you cheer up to craft a couple? You may need’em whenever you don’t expect it 😉

Ok, this balls are full of rice, so it’s VERY difficult for you to harm your hand/arm when you are squeezing them; unless you push them wat too hard. in addition they are very easy to squeeze and you don’t have to use a lot of strenght, that’s why we don’t use beans or chickpeas to fill the balls.

To craft some balls we need…

  • Rice (Fill a cup)
  • Funnel
  • Average size ballons (You can’t use water ballons)

This is going to be easy, ok? You better do it right.

First of all, we take a balloon and the insert the funnel through the spout, then we take rice and we throw it through the funnnel, slowly because we don’t want the narrow part of the funnel to be blocked. We throw more rice inside until the balloon is more or less full; and whenever you want you take off the funnel.

After that, you cut the large part of the spout; then you take other balloon and you cut a part of the spout; a bit more than the other balloon. You grab the spout and being careful of not destroying it you cover the balloon which is full of rice starting with the part which is open; we will avoid the rice to scape.

Now, cover the balloon with other balloon following the steps given before.

NOW YOU HAVE YOUR ANTI-STRESS BALL. IT CAN’T BE WRITEN MORE CLEAR. I hope your balls are now better than mine.

“Don’t touch my balls”.


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